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How long do you play basketball

2022-06-23 01:22Basketball skills
Summary: How long is it better to play basketballPlaying basketball is generally better within two to three hours. I usually play basketball for about three hours and then go home with the ball. Of course, if
How long is it better to play basketball
Playing basketball is generally better within two to three hours. I usually play basketball for about three hours and then go home with the ball. Of course, if you have many friends, you will play for a long time. It depends on your strength. Do your best
How long is the best time to play basketball
If you often exercise, you usually need to rest and adjust after playing for an hour to an hour and a half in summer, because the water and salt in your body are seriously lost; It needs to be adjusted in about 40 minutes in winter, because the low temperature in winter has a certain impact on respiration. If you don't exercise often or haven't done it for a whileHow long is the best time to play basketball
Playing basketball is a kind of violent sports. The time should not be too long. It is better to play basketball within the range of your physical endurance according to your constitution. It is generally recommended to play basketball for about half an hour or 45 minutesHow long to play basketball every day is reasonable
The study found that high-intensity exercise can be carried out two hours after meals; Moderate exercise should be arranged for one hour after meals; Light exercise is the most reasonable half an hour after mealsExperts: how long is the best day to play basketball
I suggest playing three or four times a week for about three hours each time, so that you can not feel very tired, but also improve your skills, because I came from that age. Although I am now in my 30s, sometimes I can play with those young people easily, which is what I accumulated at that timeHow long is it appropriate to play basketball every day? I don't know how much time is appropriate. Is half an hour too little
Third, play ball with your mind. Only by combining your body with your mind can you improve your ball business. It's not enough just to work hard. Just to tell you this, how long you play depends on your physical condition. Don't forceHow long do you play basketball yourself too much. I used to play half court for more than four hours every day. A year later, the doctor said that my knee was strained and asked me to reduce the amount of exerciseHow long is the best time to play basketball
An hour or so, or your legs will be sore. Personally, I think playing basketball can make you strong. Running and playing basketball are the first choices for long people, followed by cycling and climbing stairs. If you are in your prime of life, you can also choose boxing and weightlifting. These two sports are most beneficial to eliminate abdominal fat (General belly)How long should I play basketball
In high school, three times a day, about an hour each time, mainly because of limited time. When I was in college, I spent about three hours each time without rest. If you change shifts with others, four hours is fine. Every day. Now it still takes about three hoHow long do you play basketballurs each time, but it's changed to once a weekHow long do you usually play basketball
How long it is reasonable to play basketball evHow long do you play basketballery day depends on how much you exercise. When the game is very fierce, it is enough to play half-time 3V for twHow long do you play basketballo hours a day, and one hour for the whole game 5v5. Because it is very tired to exercise for a long time, if you just practice shooting casually, it is no problem to play 3 hours a dayHow long is the most appropriate time to play basketball
It depends on your physical condition and the time you exercise every day, that is, the amount of exercise. Everyone scientifically says that it is one hour a day. Too much intensity will have an impact on the body. Overloaded exercise is not good for your body. I suggest you play it once every two days, 1.5 hours each time
How long do you play basketball

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