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Playing basketball as an old man

2022-06-23 20:09Basketball skills
Summary: There is an NBA star dressed as an old man who plays with people in the street. Who is it? Where can I find it on the video screen_ BaiduYou can also use the following links:
There is an NBA star dressed as an old man who plays with people in the street. Who is it? Where can I find it on the video screen_ Baidu
You can also use Playing basketball as an old manthe following links: Kyrieirving, born in Melbourne, Australia on March 23, 1992, has dual citizenship of the United States and AustraliaWhatPlaying basketball as an old man are the names of the two pieces of background music asking NBA stars to play basketball as old men
The footage of NBA stars playing basketball as old men is directed by lisstone and the content of the basketball comedy uncle drew starring Nick Koror, Shaquille O'Neal, Riley howelly, Carey Owen and Reggie MPlaying basketball as an old maniller. The film will be released in China on January 11th, 2019... An NBA star, dressed up as an old man, playing basketball with strangers on the street basketball court
Search "Uncle drew" by yourself, or directly click the link on the web page. Will you accept the link
Is there a video like Carey Owen playing basketball as an old man? Not Carey Owen! They only give
There is also a professor who pretends to be Spider-Man to play street ball. The landlord can search and see which keyword I can't remember. The landlord can try it himselfOwen plays the old man to play ball 3 who are the other two
In the third episode, there is no lofook. One is Nate Robinson and the other is Maya Moore. Maya Moore, born on june11,1989, is an American women's basketball player, serving as a small forward and playing for the Minnesota Bobcats. Maya Moore started playing basketball when she was 3 years oldWhat is the movie about several basketball stars playing the old man in the game
! The video you watch should be the funny video of Kerry Owen of the NBA Cavaliers. At present, there are four videos in total. Each time, they go to play in the street dressed up as old men. In each video, there are some other stars involved, including Kevin leford, Nate Robinson, and the famous WNBA star Maya Moore who plays the old womanWho was Owen in the first season of playing as an old man
Season 1: himself, Episode 2: he and Kevin Loew, season 3: he and Nate Robinson, Maya Moore, season 4: he and ray Allen
... Is a star pretending to be an old man and playing basketball with young peoPlaying basketball as an old manple. At first, he was not favored by people
You can find the video of Baidu Owen playing old man street ball
Who is in Owen's short story about playing the old man
The second short player: Kevin love, born in Santa Monica, California, USA, is an American professional basketball player, professional power forward and center, and plays for the NBA Minnesota TimberwolvesAll star players play basketball in the streets of the United States as old people
Carey Owen
Playing basketball as an old man

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