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Jin Dong plays basketball I think Hu Ge is better

2022-06-23 21:05Basketball skills
Summary: Pengyuyan, huojianhua, Hu Ge, Jindong and Wang Kai, who do you think is the better actorAmong the five excellent male actors, I think Hu Ge is better. At first, I saw his TV play "Legend of the leg
Pengyuyan, huojianhua, HuJin Dong plays basketball  I think Hu Ge is better Ge, Jindong and Wang Kai, who do you think is the better actor
Among the five excellent male actors, I think Hu Ge is better. At first, I saw his TV play "Legend of the legendary swordsman 3", in which he played the roles of Jingtian, Longyang and general Feipeng (the main role is Jingtian). Before filming this TV series, Hu Ge had a car accident and had no confidence in his acting careerThe five male stars that women most want to marry: wangbaoqiang is on the list, and Jin Dong is the third. Who is the first_ Baidu
Lu Han, who has rich sports cells, is also good at basketball, roller skating, hurdles, bowling, billiards, billiards, rugby and other sports. On january28,2013, he won the bronze medal in the 70m hurdles at the MBC "idol Games" in South Korea. Lu Han is also good at Rubik's cube. The third-order Rubik's cube can be restored as it is in 30 secondsAmong the elite lawyers, Jindong showed his tennis skills. What is his tennis level
Many people will find that Jin Dong can play tennis. Moreover, in this shooting process, it is entirely based on their own strength to shoot. After watching some gags on the set, many netizens will also find that his level and skills can be comparable to those of some professional athleteJin Dong plays basketball  I think Hu Ge is bettersAt first, Jindong was just a fool. He had played many plays but never got angry. When did he get angry
Dare not reuse! It's never too late to work hard in life. The fear is that you don't have a clear understanding of yourself. When Jindong realized this problem, he plunged into the school and began to learn professional knowledge. He became the oldest student in the class. He was an alien in the class. He was the tallest and oldest basketball player in basketballHu Ge and Jin Dong all looked at the ball in the same way. When did they get so close
Due to his father, Hu Ge loved to play tennis since childhood. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this year, he also starred in the story of Li Na directed by chenkexin, playing the famous tennis coach Jiang Shan. Jin Dong is a tennis fan and Ambassador of the French Open. He often appears in the audience on September 21In middle age, why does Jin Dong not only keep a good figure but also lose weight
It is said that there is a golden house in the book and a beautiful face in the book. Jindong thinks it is time to learn professional knowledge and strive to improve himself. So he walked into the campus and bJin Dong plays basketball  I think Hu Ge is betterecame the oldest student in the school. After studying hard every day, he had to play basketball and keep fit. Good habits and mentality make him a big man in the entertainment industryHu Ge and Jin Dong meet in basketball. Who can attract a large number of attention because of theJin Dong plays basketball  I think Hu Ge is better visual impact of the two male gods
Hu Ge and Jin Dong are both male gods in the entertainment industry. Their co stars in "the pretender" and "Langya Bang" have been popular on the Internet. They are also good friends in reality. Recently, they also met to watch the ball together. Who is more popular? Let's have a look. On the evening of September 28Hu Ge Jin Dong's wonderful basketball posture. What other "sand carving" things has Hu Ge done
I just watched Hu Ge on the Venus show two days ago. I like him because he is actually a very strict and serious person, but his words and deeds are extremely humorous. Moreover, his reputation in the circle is very good. It can be said that "beauty" and wisdom coexist. To give two examples, I like it very much in the programHow do you comment on Jin Dong's explanation on his microblog
I can't help but force an answer. Jin Dong may want to wash powder recently: 1 It is not my fans who envy me that almost all my football, basketball and badminton have reached a quasi professional level. 2. I don't believe I read seven or eight pages of medical books in the evening. I also like to search the articles of Nobel Prize winners in mathematics. It's not my fansWhat happened to Jindong just now
In the latest episode of the Venus show, Wu Yue, the actor of Ling Ling in the first half of my life, was a guest program. In the program, they talked about the characters in the TV series. Therefore, Venus also began to get in touch with Jindong, the actor of he Han in the drama. Of course, right and wrong, merits and demerits should be looked at separately
Jin Dong plays basketball I think Hu Ge is better

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