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A basketball player

2022-06-23 06:06Basketball video
Summary: Does the girl basketball player get thickerNo, basketball players don't have thick hands. Mainly depends on personal constitution. In addition, if you want to be ready to play basketball with your
Does the girl basketball player get thicker
No, basketball players don't have thick hands. Mainly depends on personal constitution. In addition, if you want to be ready to play basketball with your fingers on top of the basketbalA basketball playerl, everyone who plays basketball comes here iA basketball playern this way. The middle joint of the finger may be widened after jackA basketball playeringWhat is the best basketball player
Landlord... What you said in front is good. It doesn't matter how big your hands are. You may not be able to catch the ball if your hands are big. My brother's hands are bigger than mine. They are about 1.5-2.0 cm bigger! But he can't pick up the ball. I can! Because his hands are strong, I can pick up a clean ball, but he can'tWhich hand should I use to play basketball
In fact, it mainly depends on your personal habits. If you think you can shoot well, you can use that hand. If you dribble, it is recommended that both hands are the best. It is best to break through with both left and right hands. It is also good that both hands can take three steps. If you have the opportunity to watch street ball and see how others play, learn more. We also use some breakthrough skills when playingIs there any difference in the hands of basketball players. Basketball NBA
It depends on how you fight. You fight fiercely and desperately. Injuries are inevitable. Your fingers are sprained and bruised, and your finger joints become thick. There are also A basketball playersome people who are lazy and have no competitive spirit. Throw the ball when you get it. Don't defend or rebound. It will never be a pair of jade handsHow to improve the ability of controlling the ball when playing basketball
Third, play more games. You need to constantly face all kinds of defenders to break your own ball control, tall, short, fat and thin. When you are not nervous about defenders of any size, your ball control will be successful. It doesn't matter if your hands are small. You can practice ball gamesHow do you force your fingers in basketball? What is the most standard posture
At this time, the ball should still be rising. The palm should rise with it and feel the rotation of the ball (the rotation of the ball causes the palm to feel a vacuum). When the ball almost rises to the highest point, the fingers exert force and grasp the ball. Catching the ball itself is not particularly difficultWhat harm will basketball players do if they are injured on the ground
Injury is also one of the important factors affecting the health of a basketball player, which determines the development of the player's basketball career. So what harm will it do if a basketball player is injured on the ground? Next, let's analyze with you: if we play basketball, we may suffer from muscle strain or swelling. If the protective measures are not enoughFor those who often play basketball, will their hands really slowly deform
However, after years of wear and tear, Kobe's fingers have been unable to bend normally. That is to say, the current state of Kobe's fingers is the state after our basketball fingers are poked, and this state will accompany Kobe's rest of his life. It's painful to think about itIs it better to play basketball with left hand or right hand
To tell the truth, the right hand is usually used. But the left hand is perfect. And if you're not left-handed. Using your left hand more often makes you more flexibleWhy do you have cold hands when playing basketball
Because it's winter now, and your hands are exposed to the air when playing basketball, it's lower than your body temperature. If your hands keep moving or touch warm things, it's good
A basketball player

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