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2022-06-24 04:58Basketball video
Summary: CCTV NBA commentatorLao Zhang, Da Xu: Professional (experienced in basketball, said the way of play, player experience, and more experience); Lao Zhang (who has been a coach for a long time) is better
CCTV NBA commentator
Lao Zhang, Da Xu: Professional (experienced in basketball, said the way of play, player experience, and more experience); Lao Zhang (who has been a coach for a long time) is better than Su Qun. Yang Yi: Tactical Analysis type (not much personal experience)
What does the foot do when playing basketball? Need a detailed explanation
Connecting with basic skills is the basis for playing basketball well. It can not only improve basketball skills, but also save physical consumption and reduce injuriesCan all the NBA basketball commentators on CCTV 5 play basketball
During a bone age test at the age of 11, the coach told Yang Jian that he could only grow to 1.73 meters. At that time, he shed tears and began the formal hurdle practice. After that, I entered Beijing three sports school to carry out more systematic hurdle practice, but I didn't win any champion before I was 16 years old. 4. Yu Jia and Su Qun have never played basketball formallyTell me more about basketball skills
Every time you throw, you should feel it carefully. If you throw more shots, your shooting skills will improve. This is the way to improve your shooting. People say that it is simple to exercise with developed muscles and limbs, wrong!! You have to use your brain to play basketball! Every time you shoot, pass, and do something, you have to think about it with your headAs a senior commentator, why does Zhang Weiping prefer Kobe Bryant
In fact, everyone who likes playing basketbBasketball Commentary  CCTV NBA commentatorall knows Zhang Weiping. Zhang Weiping is also a senior basketball commentator in China. However, anyone who has heard Zhang Weiping's commentary should know that he prefBasketball Commentary  CCTV NBA commentatorers Kobe Bryant very much in his commentary. I think there are several reasons for thisRules of playing basketball
8、 Basketball is a sport that uses hands to play. It is an offence to run with the ball, kick a ball or use a boxing ball. 9、 Kicking a ball is to hit or block the ball with any part or foot of the knee or below the knee. It is an offence to do such an act intentionally. 10、 According to the judge of the refereeHow to be a good basketball commentator
It's hard to say that you can play. Why do you explain what happens on the court so professionally? For example, XX broke the layup and XX broke the ball. Since you can mobilize the atmosphere on the court, you can add some exclamations such as the beautiful strike with passion and rely on yourself
NBA commentary on Zhang Weiping's classic quotations
73. Zhang Jingjing's commentary: "if you want to lose it, you should lose it." "Hey, give it tBasketball Commentary  CCTV NBA commentatoro Yao Ming! Give it to Yao Ming! Give it to him! By the way, the ball is late. Pass it early! The other side hit another counterattack, so say..." 74. "Huo Huo, I really dare to vote... Ouch... It's going to be bad... And I'm in."About playing basketball
Inhale when taking off and breathing, and exhale after landing! Come on, practice. In addition to practiBasketball Commentary  CCTV NBA commentatorcing jumping, basketball should also pay attention to practice! Secondly, in addition to those big training methods, you should pay attention to more detailed exercises: 1. Explosive power. You can practice the 100 meter sprint, so that the calf muscles have a good explosive, and practice a lot of round-trip 100 meters or 50 metersWhat level do Chinese NBA commentators play
Wangshipeng should be the most familiar player. The former Guangdong Hongyuan Club player has proved himself both in the CBA and the national team. After his retirement, he became a basketball commentator in Tencent. Last year, he acted as a commentator in front of Tencent in the NBA finals. His handsome face is deeply loved by fans. Like Li Ke and Huo Nan
Basketball Commentary CCTV NBA commentator

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