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Playing basketball with kidney deficiency detoxification

2022-06-26 07:08Basketball video
Summary: Is it good for teenagers with kidney deficiency to play basketball every dayYes, the sports meet can promote metabolism and blood circulation and detoxify. Playing basketball outdoors and basking in t
Is it good for teenagers with kidney deficiency to play basketball every day
Yes, the sports meet can promote metabolism and blood circulation and detoxify. Playing basketball outdoors and basking in the sun will increase kidney yang qi. The Yang Qi of the human body is exposed by natural sunlight. Western medicine is called calcium supplement. These methods are all to strengthen the muscles and bones, which belong to the kidneyDoes playing basketball help solve kidney deficiency
Condition analysis: kidney deficiency can cause this symptom., Suggestions: generally don't be tired. Playing basketball won't help kidney deficiencyI have a little kidney dPlaying basketball with kidney deficiency  detoxificationeficiency (which may also cause low back pain). I played basketball some time ago and my waist flashed. I feel bone pain
Kidney deficiency is totally different from the sports trauma you mentioned. Playing basketball to the waist is actually a muscle strain. If this situation is not very serious, it will recover in about a week. However, it should be noted that when you first sprain, you can't take the form of massage, but consider cold compressI have the symptoms oPlaying basketball with kidney deficiency  detoxificationf kidney deficiency. I came home after playing basketball for an hour and a half this afternoon. Now I feel very dizzy
The amount of exercise is too large. Normal people don't exercise often and can't play for such a long time. If you know that you have kidney deficiency, you should pay attention. If you are tired again, it will be difficult to rescue the acute faintingAfter exercise (playing basketball), the body is hot, but the two kidney parts are cold, and bending down is painful, which belongs to kidney yang deficiency
Chinese patent medicines for tonifying kidney yang include: Bushenyishou capsule is composed of red ginseng, pearl, Ganoderma lucidum, Prepared Radix Polygoni Multiflori, wolfberry fruit, epimedium, polygonatum, Salvia miltiorrhiza, licorice, etc. Its function is to replenish the kidney and Qi, regulate the immune function of the elderly, and delay aging. For kidney essence deficiency, insomnia, tinnitus, lumbar acid, forgetfulness, fatigue and fatigueCan kidney deficiency persist in playing basketball every day
No problem. It's just for exercise
In a hurry, ask for help. Is there too much kidney deficiency? Now I have a basketball backache
This can be considered. I suggest you go to the traditional Chinese medicine to have a look. Once a day or mPlaying basketball with kidney deficiency  detoxificationany times a day is too ordinary. In addition to playing basketball, you may have no problem in the short term, but you will gradually show weakness in the futureI can play basketball for about 2 hours. Is it kidney deficiency
Don't think about it. It's a general sports injury. Under normal circumstances, professional athletes often have similar situations. The reason is that some part of the body has bone fracture or cartilage damage and muscle fatigue caused by excessive strainCan a man play basketball with kidney yin deficiency
The manifestations of kidney yin deficiency are redness of complexion, soreness and pain in the waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus and loose teeth; Male ejaculation, premature ejaculation, female oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea; Insomnia and forgetfulness, dry oropharynx, irritability, sweating when moving, red cheekbones in the afternoon, emaciated body, yellow urine, red tongue with little or no mossPlaying basketball too much will lead to kidney failure
It won't lead to kidney deficiency, but it should be based on your physical quality to play, because too much energy consPlaying basketball with kidney deficiency  detoxificationumption will lead to fatigue if you can't rest, but it will backfire
Playing basketball with kidney deficiency detoxification

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