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Play inside basketball back to the defender

2022-06-27 12:02I want to play basketball
Summary: What skills are needed to play inside basketballPlaying inside requires mastering offensive and defensive skills. Inside offensive skills: catch the ball under the basket and turn your back to the def
What skills are needed to play inside basketball
Playing inside requires mastering offensive and defensive skills. Inside offensive skills: catch the ball under the basket and turn your back to the defender. At this time, there are two points to pay attention to: first, when dribbling, you must raise your head. Your eyes are mainly focused on the defenders behind you. From the corner of your eyes, you should pay attention to the weak side to help the defender take the ballHow does basketball play inside
The prerequisite for playing inside is to have a good physical condition ~! To put it bluntly, you can use your body to resist the layup goal! But it must be under certain dribbling skills ~ if you are not very strong, practice more than 60% of the half-way hit ~ so you don't need to score the innermost ~ take off around the free throw line - release - score ~ that's it ~ it's importantWhat are the NBA's super insiders who will be invincible in the small ball era
Centers like jojic have been playing well. Imagine if Yao Ming is more inexplicable than jojic in this era. If Yao Ming develops three-point shots, it will be like a bug. Of course, even if he doesn't have three points, he can still dominate the interior line. The key is that Yao Ming has a high free throw hit rateWhat is the inside line in basketball
The inside line in basketball generally refers to the center and power forward. Because centers and power forwards are generally in high positions, that is, close to the basket. The role of the center: first of all, he moves in the restricted area, and rebounding is absolutely indispensable. Moreover, the restricted area is also a must for all teamsWhen playing basketball How to play inside tactics < Namely: "e; Two tower tactics "& gt;
The most basic tactical idea of the twin towers is to use an inside line to pull an empty basket, so that another person can form a more favorable situation of physical confrontation (commonly known as "playing small with big")What is the position of the inside basketball line
The three second area (that is, the restricted area) is called the inside line. The so-called insiPlay inside basketball  back to the defenderde players refer to the players who often move in thPlay inside basketball  back to the defendere three second area. For example, the center, the second center (power forward). The scope of activities of the outer line mainly refers to the places within one meter of the third line to the places outside the third line, collectively referred to as the outer lineHow to play inside basketball
The metPlay inside basketball  back to the defenderhod of playing inside basketball: in terms of attack, we should first learn that the key position is to hold the defender behind us with one hand and block the defender with the other hand to catch the ballIs inside basketball important
Secondly, the unchanging truth of basketball is the hit rate. I know why "getting the inside line wins the world". Because the inside line is close, it is easier to score, so the hit rate is relatively high. In addition, it is not only possible to have the inside line, but also to cooperate with each other. The inside line can play, and sometimes it can attract defenseHow to play inside basketball
Inside defense skills: first of all, the standing awareness of the inside determines whether the defender has the possibility to restrain the opponent. Since the opponent is an inside player with height advantage, it is inevitable to have some characteristics of inside playerPlay inside basketball  back to the defenders. It is important to make full use of the weaknesses of these characteristics. For example, most interior players are not good at shooting in the long haulAbout playing basketball inside
Footsteps. The defender should keep an eye on the opponent's waist with his elbow, lower his weight and keep up with his steps. Unless it is very different from your body. Generally, people stronger than you can't beat you up. Practice more by yourself. The attack also depends on the steps, and there are also fake actions. If you are skilled in both your left and right hands, it should be easy to play inside, you
Play inside basketball back to the defender

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