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I want to play basketball

Playing basketball waist not even for a while

2022-06-23 00:51I want to play basketball
Summary: Can you play basketball to the waistIf you don't have waist strength, you can't stay in the air, even if it's only for a while. If you don't have enough waist strength in the process of dr
Can you play basketball to the waist
If you don't have waist strength, you can't stay in the air, even if it's only for a while. If you don't have enough waist strength in the process of dribbling, it means that the dribbling is very unstable. The waist will play an important role in every running emergency stopIs playing basketball harmful to the waist
There may even be sequelae. I hope you can play less football in the near future, do some waist conditioning (if it is serious, go to see a doctor) and strengthen the waist and abdomen movement. After recovering for a period of time, the high-intensity sports such as basketball can be carried out. And try to avoid making a large range of waist movements when playing in the future. After all, the body is the capitalHow to protect the waist when playing basketball
Exercise your waist and abdomen. DPlaying basketball waist  not even for a whileo more sit ups Practice more and be gentle Get well prepared before playing The body is slightly hot The muscles pulled apart at the beginning of strenuous exercise It is impossible to avoid physical confrontation when playing regularly. So the physical strength is also strengthened You can be more accurate and stableHow to do basketball waist sprain how long can basketball waist sprain be good
When playing basketball, you should act according to your ability. If the action of catching or grabbing the ball exceeds the scope of your own load, you'd better not force yourself to complete the action. People with weak waist and back muscles can protect their waist and back with a wide belt when playing basketball, which can reduce the occurrence of waist injury when playing basketballHow did you do if you sprained your waist playing basketball
The sprain of the waist caused by playPlaying basketball waist  not even for a whileing basketball can be relieved in Playing basketball waist  not even for a whilethe following ways: the seemingly strong waist is actually fragile, and you may flash back when you get up and hit it. What if I twist my waist? One is to immediately choose a wooden bed to lie down and rest. The other is to apply cold compress locally within 24 hours of sprain. After 24 hours, you can treat yourself. Massage method: lie prone, familyHow to practice the waist strength in basketball
I'll teach you how to practice waist strength. It's very useful, but it's also very tired... Lie flat, do sit ups, hold your head in your hands, lie flat on your upper body, lift your legs to 45 degrees, keep your legs straight, don't bend, and keep your toes straight. You can hold on for dozens of seconds. When you do it, you feel like you're dyingIs it useful to play basketball with waist protection
When playing basketball, the role of wearing waist protector exerts certain pressure on the muscles to adjust the balance of sports forces. To soPlaying basketball waist  not even for a whileme extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. The muscle is stimulated during exercise, the metabolism accelerates, and the amount of water in the muscle cells increases, resulting in the feeling of expansion of the cellsLumbar pain after playing basketball
It's normal. Playing basketball is to use the strength of the waist. The muscles in the waist are sore. It's OK. I often do the same
Sprained waist when playing basketball, what method can restore quickly? Urgent
(1) Knead the waist. Use both hands to knead the left and right waist up and down for 5-10 minutes each time. (2) Gently tap the waist with half clenched fists. Tap gently at the depressions on both sides of the waist, with even strength, for 2 minutes each time. (3) Stand with both legs shoulder width apart, put both hands on the back and massage up and down the sacral spine muscles on both sides of the waist for 100 timesWhy is playing basketball lumbago
The waist and back are the most forceful parts of the human body, providing support for the human body and protecting the spine. For people who are sedentary and lack of exercise in the office for a long time, or who need to stand for a long time, maintaining a position or posture for too long is likely to cause pain in the waist and back and lead to lumbosacral chronic osteofascial compartment syndrome
Playing basketball waist not even for a while

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