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I want to play basketball

Luozhixiang plays basketball luozhixiang extreme challenge plays basketball

2022-06-23 01:30I want to play basketball
Summary: Luozhixiang extreme challenge playing basketballLuozhixiang has never played basketball in the extreme challengeWhat is Luo Zhixiang's profileLuozhixiang (show LO), born in Keelung City, Taiwan, Ch
Luozhixiang extreme challenge playing basketball
Luozhixiang has never played basketball in the extreme challenge
What is Luo Zhixiang's profile
Luozhixiang (show LO), born in Keelung City, Taiwan, China ProvinLuozhixiang plays basketball  luozhixiang extreme challenge plays basketballce, China on July 30, 1979, is a male singer, hostLuozhixiang plays basketball  luozhixiang extreme challenge plays basketball, dancer and actor of Taiwan, China pop music. In 1995, he officially made his debut by participating in the imitation contest of "the four heavenly kings are you". In 2003, he released his first solo album show time. His first concert was held in 2005Who knows all the information about luozhixiang
Luozhixiang archives English Name: Alan birthday: July 30, 1979 height: 178cm weight: 63kg blood type: O Constellation: Leo Education: Peide High School Specialty: dancing, drums, imitation, diving, choreography hobbies and pastimes: playing basketballWhat is the sound of luozhixiang's basketball photos in the comment area
In the comment area, there were all the same voices attacking luozhixiang, mixed with jokes that luozhixiang was “ Time manager ”, A small part of the voice comes from luozhixiang's true love fan who has not given up. Originally, luozhixiang had a bright future, but he was so playfulLuo Zhixiang took photos of playing basketball, but he didn't give up in order to make a comeback
I remember luozhixiang said that when he came back, it was obvious that he did not wLuozhixiang plays basketball  luozhixiang extreme challenge plays basketballant to quit the entertainment circle. How could a man who had once been a rising star in the entertainment circle give up his mind completely at once. Presumably, I want to see the reactions of netizens and the leaders in the entertainment industryIs it possible for luozhixiang to make a comeback after taking basketball photos
Luozhixiang's photos of playing basketball on his social platform are actually trying to attract attention. In fact, after the release of his new work sorry, few people mentioned luozhixiang. For luozhixiang, he must always maintain his enthusiasm, because only in this way can he pave the way for his future comebackCan luozhixiang play
In fact, Luo Xiang can play basketball well. At the beginning of the basketball fire, everyone thought that he can't play basketball because his character needs it. Yuan Daying likes basketball but his grandmother doesn't let him play. So he's not very good. Not only is it not OK to dribble, but it's also not OK to shootIn the basketball fire, can Luo Zhixiang, Yan Chengxu and Wu Zun really play? Is there a taxi so good
Luozhixiang, Yan Chengxu and Wu Zun are really good players. They play so well. I remember once when Wu Zun took another gag, he wanted to bounce the ball from the floor between Hu Yuwei's legs to the backboard and dunk it. He failed many times. Their skills were developed slowly. Hope to adopt themPlaying ball with friends and having a party, is there a kind of "still playing" called luozhixiang
Luozhixiang broke up with zhouyangqing and ended up in disgrace. To tell the truth, luozhixiang's career was really not easy. In his youth, he made luozhixiang a star who could sing, dance and joke through his own efforts and learning all aspects of knowledgeWhat's the meaning of Luo Zhixiang's persoLuozhixiang plays basketball  luozhixiang extreme challenge plays basketballnal playing photos after he was banned
As a matter of fact, Luo Zhixiang is just showing his face by showing his playing photos on his social account. Many media are blocking Luo Zhixiang and most of the audience are resisting him. Therefore, it is unrealistic for Luo Zhixiang to come back in a short time. However, Luo Zhixiang's current idea must be paid sooner or later
Luozhixiang plays basketball luozhixiang extreme challenge plays basketball

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