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I want to play basketball

James plays basketball

2022-06-23 07:54I want to play basketball
Summary: How did James play 10 years agoMany people say that James' offensive means are single, but looking at the proportion of James' offensive shots in the 2009 playoffs, he deserves the title of the
How did James play 10 years ago
Many people say that James' offensive means are single, but looking at the proportion of James' offensive shots in the 2009 playoffs, he deserves the title of the kaleidoscope of attack. 5 February 2009LeBron James is famous for his all-round. How about his singles ability
Although James has made many winning shots in his career, from the data point of view, James' hit rate is far from the level of curry and Durant. Take the data of 2021 season. James' three-point shooting rate is only 31.5%. As for backstabbing, it was the last thing James wanted to doWhy do some fans say that James can't play, his skills are not good, and he only depends on his body
Since then, LeBron James has been dubbed as a player who can only play with his body. LeBron James has fallen into this false proposition. But as LeBron James grows older, we can also see that he is not an athlete who only plays with hisJames plays basketball body. LeBron James was in his prime when he was youngWhy do you think James is not as light and fast in dunking as he just entered the NBA_ Baidu
Finally, at this age, his body can't bear it and is prone to injury. Even if he has this ability, he will take the initiative to keep fit. Moreover, his goal now is not to win the championship. It is to insist that Brownie join the father and son army in the NBA. There is a high risk of playing violently. In case of serious injury, it will be even more difficult to do it. Let's see if James can play one more gameIs LeBron James reJames plays basketballally unskilled in playing? Maybe it's just not that beautiful. What do you think
What are James' key skills that are not closely related to his physical talents? And how should JJames plays basketballames play basketball when he gets older and his physical talent won't be any better? James' top abilities in his youthWhy did James give up football and play basketball
In addition to James, the figuresJames plays basketball of Warcraft Howard and mourning in the league are very strong, and they are also the object of fear in the hearts of many players. But fans are curious that James is strong enough. Why did he give up football and choose to play basketball? There are actually two reasonsWhat is James' level of play? Why is it said by many people that it is lack of appreciation
In terms of personal ability, James is on a par with these people, and his physical quality is also better than them. He has never been seriously injured and can recover quickly even if he is slightly injured. Objectively speaking, James' playing style is very different from those of these players. He doesn't rely on his teammates, but he plays on his own whenever he has a chance. And basketball is a five person game, just byObjectively analyze what LeBron James' playing skills belong to the top level
At the top level, it is the use of physical ability, which is reflected in the breakthrough. The ability to read the game is reflected in the passing. James' passing is not fancy but sharp like a scalpel. Although sometimes mistakes may occur due to improper strength control, his passing and assists ability is the top in the leagueJames is nearly 37 years old. Why does he still play so hard
Of course, this is not the key. In fact, James will get a big contract wherever he goes. Therefore, no matter how many people did not like James in the past, but now the 33 year old James is playing so hard on the court, not for anything else, but for something. In terms of dedication, James is undoubtedly a great basketball playerSome people say that James plays utilitarian basketball. What's your opinion
Some people say that James doesn't play utilitarian basketball. James' human body and technical ability are already the top in the league. In fact, these are acquired by LeBron James through hard practice. LeBron James was not a very weak person in the year of the talent show, and he became the No. 1 player by relying on the exciting way of playing
James plays basketball

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