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I want to play basketball

Play basketball dunk

2022-06-23 11:01I want to play basketball
Summary: How to dunk in basketball What skills are neededThere is also dunking. This can only be done by training explosive power and grasping barbells. The requirement for this should be more effective to gra
How to dunk in basketball What skills are needed
There is also dunking. This can only be done by training explosive power and grasping barbells. The requirement for this should be more effective to grasp the basket is much lower than that for dunking. After all, the hand should be more than 10 cm higher than the basket before dunkingHow to dunk in basketball
If you want to dunk, you must be tall and bouncing enough. You can squat, jump rope and touch the height every day. Want to dunk if you have enough height and bounce, you can try to dunk on the way. First, gently buckle your hands to protect your body. If you exert too much force for the first time, it may be dangerous. I was hurtReal basketball! The skill of dunking taught me more than one palm! Hands can catch the ball easily
When you take off to buckle, get close to the basket and take off upward. Don't use too much force to blow up the basket. Try to buckle with wrist pressure first, and then practice better movements after getting familiar with it! And when you buckle, don't just think about pulling the basketWhen playing basketball, can you catch the basket and dunk
For example, for a player like Xi'an, domestic fans even gave him a “ Fat tiger ” The title of. But for us, there's no need to worry. Our body size can't reach that intensity. It's good to dunk. It's also a good sport for us to play basketball at ordinary timesHow high does it take to dunk a basketball or jump 1.75 meters
This is also related to your arm, which is 1.Play basketball dunk75 meters tall. Generally, when your arm is extended and your height is 2.30 meters, you need a distance of about 15 cm to dunk, about 80cmHow to dunk when playing basketball
Basketball dunk skills and methods 1 Take off high enough. When dunking, the requirements for the height of jumping are very high. If you can't reach a certain height, it's difficult to pour the basketball into the box. You have to put it in. So when you want to dunk, you should hold your breath and jump up. 2. grasp the opportunity to take offAs a normal person, how high does it take to dunk in basketball
ThisPlay basketball dunk depends on the physical quality of different people. Black people have the best physical quality and the best bounce. Black people can pull the basket at 1.75cm, or even more than one meter and six meters. However, the physical quality of the yellow people is slightly worse. It usually takes 1.85cm to dunkWhich five exercises can improve our dunk ability when playing basketball
Fourth, barbell clean and jerk. When we dunk, we need not only the explosive power of our lower limbs, but also the explosive power of our whole body. Barbell clean and jerk is a golden action to exercise the whole body. During training, we lift the barbell to our chest, and then fPlay basketball dunkinish the clean and jerk continuouslyI really want to dunk when playing basketball. How can I practice? I'm 186,85kg
1. If you are a guard, give up this position and turn to PF (power forward). When playing, you should pay attention to the struggle for rebounds. Here, it should be explained that you do not rely on blocking, but on rushing. This is helpful to improve your jumping ability. 2. learn to take off with both feetHow to dunk in basketball
There will be a big discount. Don't say you want to buckle with both hands. There are two ways to dunk. Sandbag practice, but it's not the kind of sandbaPlay basketball dunkg with leggings. That doesn't apply at all. I'll be killed. It's a sandbag suit. Put a towel on my shoulder and try to tie my body tightly. This is extremely uncomfortable. I bring it to class every day, including playing basketball
Play basketball dunk

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