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I want to play basketball

Play basketball to grind your feet

2022-06-23 18:01I want to play basketball
Summary: About playing basketball, Lao Mo's feet hurt a lot. Detailed answersYour shoes don't fit your feet. Your feet will slide forward or backward during an emergency stop. Plus you've worn it befo
About playing basketball, Lao Mo's feet hurt a lot. Detailed answers
Your shoes don't fit your feet. Your feet will slide forward or backward during an emergency stop. Plus you've worn it before, so your skin is more sensitive. Change a pair of shoes that fit your feet, and be slow when you stop in an emergency (your feet hurt). It will be OK after a period of timePlaying basketball is grinding your feet. How to deal with it
I've had this kind of situation before, and it's much better now. I've tried wearing thick socks and big shoes, which are more effective. If you don't think it's OK, you might as well try wrapping some used tape around the place where you often scrape the skin (your right thumb and index finger) to alleviate the skin abrasionHow to do basketball shoes wear feet
Wear thick socks, professional sports socks, and then tie the shoelaces tightly so that the shoes cover the feet and don't let the feet shake in the shoes. Also, it is recommended that you wear the new shoes before playing ball because the new shoes don't fit well, so they will grind the feet. If they don't fit well, it's probably a problem with the shape of the shoesPlaying basketball abraded the soles of the feet and leaked out the tender mPlay basketball to grind your feeteat inside. The skin is outside. It hurts so much that I dare not walk. What should I do
Wipe some alcohol to disinfect, and then spray Yunnan Baiyao. It should be the problem of socks to wear cotton socks next time. Also wear basketball shoes, don't wear any cricket shoes to playHow does basketball shoe grind a foot to do
The solution to grinding the feet of basketball shoes: pour Baijiu (about 25g) into the new shoes in the wine immersion method, shake it for several times, put it on for an hour, and then wear it again. The leather will no longer be hard, and the shoes will no longer pinch the feet. If the edge of the leather shoes is worn, for example, at the heel, you can dry the wet paper towel, and then fully soak the BaijiuA brief talk on several reasons why shoes grind feet when playing ball
Shoes don't fit. Many novices don't pay much attention to shoes. Just wear them. In fact, good badminton shoes have a good protective and cushioning effect, and have a strong protective effect on feet and even knees. Later, I played more and stayed in Zhongyu for a long timeHow to play basketball
Go home and rub it. Now I have more feet in winter
I always have blisters on my feet when playing basketball. In addition to basketball shoes, what shoes do you recommend me to buy to avoid
No. You must buy aPlay basketball to grind your feet pair of new Bailun jogging. So are my feet. Some shoes don't have blisters. But I bought a pair of new Bailun. It's absolutely easy to play. Say goodbye to blisters. Comfortable. It can also be worn at ordinary times. Nike's free is OK. But jogging is better than grabbing the ground. also. Basketball shoes look at your feet. Any basketball shoe can wear your feetWhat if basketball shoes always wear feet
However, many people wear thick basketball shoes whPlay basketball to grind your feeten they wear them. Basketball shoes wear our ankles. WPlay basketball to grind your feethat should we do? In the process of wearing shoes, we must pay attention. When choosing socks that match basketball shoes, you must choose socks that are thicker, softer, and can reach the ankleWhen playing basketball, what should I do if I start to speed up my old feet? Is it about shoes
Blowing and smashing method for grinding the feet at a certain position, such as the back heel and the side of the toe, will cause blisters. You can use a hair dryer to blow according to the part of the shoe grinding the feet until the blown leather becomes soft, and then smash it with a hard object. This method is very good, especially suitable for the shoes with the back heel
Play basketball to grind your feet

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