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I want to play basketball

Playing basketball barefoot

2022-06-24 02:29I want to play basketball
Summary: What are the disadvantages of playing barefoot? Thank youYou have to take off to play. When you land, you will hurt your heels. When you play, you have to start. If you are barefoot, you will not only
What are the disadvantages of playing barefoot? Thank you
You have to take off to play. When you land, you will hurt your heels. When you play, you have to start. If you are barefoot, you will not only reduce your speed, but also step on something, which will hurt your feet
Can you practice jumping or jump higher when playing barefoot
Yes. In addition, there are other wPlaying basketball barefootays to enhance the bouncing power: in playing badminton, you often have to jump up and fight in badminton, which can exercise your explosive power and improve the bouncing power after a long time. High jump is a direct way to exercise your jumping ability. The simplest way is to practice jumping in the open space and set up a simple mark at a high placeCan you play basketball barefoot
It's impossible to meet. Friction with the ground will hurt your feet. It's easy to fall downWill barefoot play basketball die
Will barefoot play basketball die? Playing basketball barefoot won't die. But I have to promise. There are no rusty nails on the court. Don't prick your feetCan junior high school boys play basketball barefoot and shirtless
But not barefoot. On the other hand, how to choose the right uniform? Sweat wicking and breathable. Many people wear pure cotton clothes when playing basketball. In fact, pure cotton has good sweat absorption effect, but poor air permeability. It is easy to cause heatstroke when playing basketball in spring and summer, and it may cause people to catch cold in autumn and winterCan you play basketball barefoot? Is it a foul
You can play basketball barefoot. There is no rule that you can't play basketball barefoot. It's not a foul. There is no sPlaying basketball barefoottipulation in the basketball rules that playing basketball barefoot is a foulWhat's the harm of playing basketball barefoot
When playing barefoot, the sole of the foot is easy to slip and the ankle is easy to sprain. And toes are also prone to injury. It is inevitable to get injured when playing basketball, but the probability of injury is much higher when playing basketball barefoot than when playing basketball with shoes
How about playing basketball barefoot
No. The protection of soles and ankles is not enough. People are not cats. The impact on the soles of the feet during the start and landing of barefooPlaying basketball barefoott play will cause damage to the body; But also easy to sprain the ankle. It's better not to play barefootHow simple is it for boys to wade barefoot and play basketball
The boys in the video, wearing shorts and barefoot, are playing basketball on the basketball court with water flowing. They are very interested. Some boys simply splash in the water after slipping. ThPlaying basketball barefootey have a lot of fun and have a lot of funBoys wading barefoot to play basketball, basketball becomes water polo? Play shallow
This scene also infected many netizens. Netizens said that they were so happy. Some netizens said that they really wanted to join them. At this age, they should play. Where is playing basketball? It is clearly a water park! Envy! It's not playing basketball at all
Playing basketball barefoot

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