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The benefits of playing basketball

Play basketball don't play too long

2022-06-27 02:28The benefits of playing basketball
Summary: What should I do when playing basketballIt may be due to lack of exercise. Don't exercise too long, and increase the amount of exercise appropriately ~ otherwise it will be bad for your healthHow l
What should I do when playing basketball
It may be due to lack of exercise. Don't exercise too long, and increase the amount of ePlay basketball  don't play too longxercise appropriately ~ otherwise it will be bad for your health
How long will it take for the ball to stop
It means you are not ready to warm up! If you breathe too much, you will easily lose your breath! It is suggested that rest is more valuable than anythingRecently, when playing basketball, I had bifurcated pain in my right lower abdomen and dared not continue to exercise
! According to the Play basketball  don't play too longabove description, the above symptoms may be caused by excessive activity or cold. It is suggested that you should avoid over full exercise and cold in your future life, and do warm-up exercise before exercise to avoid tension and maintain a balance of mindPlaying basketball, my back muscles feel out of breath, and sometimes I can't breathe
Answer: Condition Analysis: it is true that your symptoms are bifurcated, but you should also pay attention to the possibility of spontaneous pneumothorax. Opinions and suggestions: it is recommended to actively go to the hospital for chest X-ray examination to eliminate pneumothorax lesions, and then give acupuncture, massage, cupping and other treatmentsWhy do I have a problem? I'm a 15-year-old boy. I have a problem playing basketball
Or other reasons, or you may not take the correct way of breathing during exercise. You can do more long-distance running to strengthen your cardiorespiratory endurance. At the same time, you can do some variable speed running and variable direction running to strengthen your body's adaptability to intense exercise, so that you won't often lose your breathCan I play basketball after chest bifurcate
It is better not to play basketball after chest bifurcation, because the cause of bifurcation is that the air flow goes to the wrong place, causing physical discomfort. Generally, to alleviate the symptoms of bifurcation, you need to adjPlay basketball  don't play too longust your breathing, breathe evenly, and let the wrong air flow gradually return to the original place. At this time, do not breathe violently and exercise violentlyHow to overcome cross gas in playing basketball
Take a deep breath and then bend down to adjust your breathing
I was hit by someone when playing basketball. How can I get better quickly
Chaqi is called respiratory muscle spasm in westerPlay basketball  don't play too longn medicine. Due to strenuous activities or other reasons, the respiratory depth is enhanced and the range of respiratory muscle activity is increased, resulting in insufficient blood supply to respiratory muscle and muscle ischemia spasm. If you simply breathe in deeply with slight bifurcated breath, don't gasp. Hold it for a while. It will be relieved after several times. If you can't, ask a doctor for a massagePlaying basketball is playing with a pain in the left chest. Is it a broken breath
Answer: don't exercise on an empty stomach. Eat potato chips or something.. Don't take too much exercise at the beginning. Your lungs will be uncomfortable
What if you lose your breath during exercise
Many people have this experience when running: after running for a certain distance, they begin to feel pain like a needle pricking in the chest, back or near the ribs; Then the breathing rhythm becomes disordered, the pace is affected, and the running speed slows down, which is called bifurcation. Bifurcations are common during exercise. If you run in the cold season, bifurcations will occur
Play basketball don't play too long

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