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The benefits of playing basketball

Can tuberculosis play basketball

2022-06-27 06:20The benefits of playing basketball
Summary: Can tuberculosis play basketballAs long as he is not coughing up blood now Hemoptysis is due to lung damage, so strenuous exercise may further damage capillaries, leading to bleeding As long as he doe
Can tuberculosis play basketball
As long as he is not coughing up blood now Hemoptysis is due to lung damage, so strenuous exercise may further damage capillaries, leading to bleeding As long as he doesn't cough now and looks normal, he will have no problem like a normal person In addition, playing basketball to exercise can also lead to a lower probability of recurrenceIn the treatment of my tuberculosis, I don't have any symptoms at ordinary times. Can I play basketball
Yes, just don't be overworked. Don't stay up late. Exercise will help improve your condition. You must also exercise when you are well
Can tuberculosis play basketball
Yes, but I suggest you don't take strenuous exercise. Tuberculosis is mainly bed rest
Can you play basketball after tuberculosis is cured
If calcification occurs, it's OK, but don't play it every day. It's urgent to recuperate your body firstHow long is the infectious period of tuberculosis? Can I play basketball during the treatment
This is a big taboo in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. The symptoms have disappeared, not that the tuberculosis bacilli have been eliminated. Many people have no symptoms from the beginning. They should also take medicine for 3-6 months. During the treatmenCan tuberculosis play basketballt period, do not do strenuous exercise, strengthen nutrition, take liver protection tablets to protect the liver, and do not play basketballCan tuberculosis patients play basketball
Yes, but don't be too tired. TB patients should mainly stay in bed
Can tuberculosis play basketball
Answer: tuberculosis can not play basketball. In my opinion, this is a chronic infectious disease, which can invade many organs and form tuberculosis with lung involvement. The most common symptom of tuberculosis is an infectious disease. It is recommended to take timely anti tuberculosis treatment and have an absolute rest. It is not suitable to play basketball
Can you play basketball half a year after the calcification of pulmonary tuberculosis? Will it recur if you play
Yes, your tuberculosis has healedCan tuberculosis play basketball
It's best not to do strenuous exercise. I am also a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis. I also like playing ball. I have used medicine for eight months and dare not do strenuous exercise. Because this disease is afraid of fatigue, I must breathe faster when doing strenuous exercise, which increases the burden on my lungs. Therefore, I can only do some aerobic exercise properlyHow long can tuberculosis treatment play basketball
The landlord should take good care of himself when he is ill. It is OK to ask the doctor about shooting. But scoring and playing the game will create a burden. If the landlord is still recovering from hCan tuberculosis play basketballis injury. It is suggested to control your mood. After playing basketball, you should keep healthy
Can tuberculosis play basketball

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