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The benefits of playing basketball

Basketball protection

2022-06-25 02:40The benefits of playing basketball
Summary: How to avoid collision and protect yourself when playing basketballIn fact, we all know that basketball is mainly about fierce physical confrontation, so it is inevitable to hurt yourself when playing
How to avoid collision and protect yourself when playing basketball
In fact, we all know that basketball is mainly about fierce physical confrontation, so it is inevitable to hurt yourself when playing basketball. In particular, our ankles, knees and fingers are very vulnerable. As a part of the human body, they are also very vulnerable. Therefore, these parts need our protectionHow to protect your body playing basketball
Second: protect the body. In professional basketball confrontation, too intense physical contact will lead to damage caused by impact or pulling. Solution: try to use your back for confrontation when attacking. Because there are vulnerable parts such as soft ribs in the front of your body, reasonable use of back confrontation can greatly reduce the probability of injury. PreventionHow to protect yourself reasonably when playing basketball
If you want to protect yourself when playing basketball, you should do a full warm-up before playing basketball. During the warm-up, you should turn your wrists and ankles more, so that you can fully move your muscles and bones, and avoid sprains and pressing your legs caused by fierce sports. Sometimes when you are concentrating on defense, the other team will come to pick and rollHow to protect yourself playing basketball
First of all, we should do a full warm-up. If the human body is strong, the warm-up time needs to be longer. When playing ball, you should be careful of otheBasketball protectionrs' elbows. It hurts to hit them oBasketball protectionnce. And when grabbing the rebound, be careful of the other side's bag, so you will be in the middle like rougamo! Watch your feet when you jump to the groundHow to protect yourself when playing basketball
When playing basketball, the knee joint is the most vulnerable to injury, which is mainly caused by fatigue and impact when bouncing to the ground. The second is the waist. The waist injury is mainly caused by being bumped by others while flying. There is also the face. You should be careful of the opponent's elbow impact. When defending, you should put one hand in front of your face to protect it. Then the fingers, when the ballWhen playing basketball, how to protect your body in the process of sports
The following is the basketball knowledge that Xiaobian will tell you: how to protect the body in sports. Avoid stepBasketball protectionping on your feet. SteppiBasketball protectionng on the foot often happens when grasping the backboard. The people behind step on it. The eyes in front can see it. Naturally, they seldom step on it. Then, after grabbing the rebound and fallingHow to protect the knee in basketball
Again, the ballWhat protective work should be done when playing basketball
The required equipment is also essential, such as sportswear, basketball shoes and other wrist and knee pads. When playing basketball, you need to wear special sports shoes or basketball shoes. Because when playing basketball, you need to use special basketball shoes to protect your anklesHow can I protect myself in the process of playing basketball
You must warm up before playing basketball to make your body adapt to the state of sports. Usually, warm-up activities include running circles around the court, continuous dribbling, passing training with opponents, etc. The movements are very simple and do not need too complicated movements to avoid injury during warm-up. In the process of playing basketball, you should protect yourselfHow to pay attention to self-protection during basketball training
Protective equipment is the most important. Many people always think that the protective equipment will affect their play when playing basketball, so they refuse to wear protective equipment. But we should know that when we are hurt, only protective equipment can protect ourselves, so protective equipment is absolutely indispensable. Let's do some more dangerous sports
Basketball protection

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